How to choose a filter for a Dafi pitcher
15 sierpnia 2019
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What gives water filtering

As everyone fo sure knows, tap water is contaminated with microorganisms and it can have unpleasant smell. By its filtering it becomes purified and it loses its unpleasant smell. Drinking filtered water we can be sure that it is clean and safe.

Filter pitchers and filter bottles

Do you value clean and healthy water at your home? A filter pitcher is not going to be useless kitchen gadget for you. So, if you have a problem with hard water or a limescale at your home which settles at the bottom of the kettle, it is worth considering buying a filter pitcher or a filter bottle. The filtered water is almost perfect for boiling as well as for drinking immediately after filtering. The filtering pitcher is not only practical, but also a great substitute for bottled mineral water. There are different types of these pitchers, which are available in many different colors – so they can be perfectly adapted to any kitchen. For people who practice sport, a great option will be a Dafi filter bottle. This bottle is an interesting alternative for mineral water. A bottle is elegant and it has comfortable, ergonomic shape. These bottles are available in different capacities- thanks to it we can suit them perfectly to our needs. It should be added that tey are made of long lasting and safe material and at the same time they are very convenient and long lansting. Deciding on a pitcher or a filter bottle we take care of our health but also natural environment.

How does a carbon filter work?

A carbon filter which is in the exchangeable Dafi filters has versatile tasks: it removes the unpleasant smell of chlorine from tap water and improves its taste without removing valuable minerals and elements. Also, Dafi filters protect our household goods against limescale settling by softening tap water. uch a filter usually lasts for one month in daily use. This is an excellent alternative to bottled water. What is more, drinking filtered water we safe our time, money and we take care of the natural environment.