How the Dafi filter bottle works
How the Dafi filter bottle works
1 sierpnia 2019
Dafi filter bottle - how long will the filter be
Dafi filter bottle – how long will the filter be?
4 sierpnia 2019
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How to fill a Dafi pitcher

How to fill a Dafi pitcher

Do you want to enjoy healthy and filtered water at your home without buying bottled water? It is possible. For many years on the Polish market there are available many kinds of water filters which purify tap water and add better taste. The best interest among the consumers has pitchers with exchangeable filters cartridges from Dafi brand. They allow to adjust the size and the kind of a pitcher to own needs and as well to adjust a filter to the quality of tap water that we have at our homes.

How to fill a filter pitcher? The method of use

In order for the pitcher to serve us long enough, it is worth following a few rules that will allow it to function longer and more effectively. Keeping the pitcher clean is a very important element of the pitcher’s operation. Before each filter change, it is important to thoroughly clean all elements of the pitcher under running water. Both glass pitchers and those made of plastic can be washed with warm water with the addition of dish detergent.

Using a pitcher is limited to a few simple steps. Despite of the exchange of a filter once a month in order to enjoy clean and healthy water, the right amount of water should be poured into a filter tank. The amount of water we can filter once depends on the size of a pitcher we have. Dafi offers to the clients pitchers of many capacities from 2 to 4 liters.

The healthiest is filling a pitcher with such amount of water we currently need to use. We should avoid leaving water in a pitcher for a longer time. Water which stays is less healthy and it loses its nutritional values. Pour cold water into the pitcher. What is important, before consuming filtered water, you should wait a few minutes until the water we have designated for purification is completely filtered. Thanks to this, we will avoid mixing water from between the tanks. The entire filtering process should not take more than a few minutes.

Dafi pitcher can be filled with water of different hardness.