How to choose a filter for a Dafi pitcher

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How to choose a filter for a Dafi pitcher

Dafi filter pitches consist of a pitcher witch an exchangeable filter cartridge. There are majority of them in the market. They differ in their operation and use. We can choose them according to our needs and the quality of tap water we have in our homes.

An exchangeable filter of Polish producer Dafi

As users of Dafi filter pitchers we have a great choice here if it comes to filter cartridges. There are 4 kinds of filters on sale.

The first of them- a standard one- this filter purifies tap water and protects the kettle from limescale. It is the most universal filter cartridge and it is designed to improve the quality of drinking water. Thanks to this filter, the water is ideal for drinking, brewing or cooking. Water that has been filtered with this filter is an alternative to bottled water. It is worth adding that it also protects our devices such as coffee machines and kettles against limescale. Another model is a household good +. Generally, this kind of filters effectively protects household goods against limescale in water. This filter is ideal for people who want to improve the quality of their tap water and make it ideal to cook.

Water filtered with the use of household good+ filter is perfect if it comes to coffee makers, irons or air humidifiers. This filter prevents the formation of scale deposits by reducing the excess of calcium and magnesium salts, thanks to which it extends the life of household appliances. The third type of a filter is Mg +. This filter purifies water and enriches it with magnesium ions. Magnesium filters are the best alternative to bottled water. Thanks to magnesium, water tastes better and is much healthier. The last type of filter is Ph +. They allow you to get water from tap water that has alkaline-forming properties. Minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium ions contained in filtered water will make it tasty and healthy.

Choosing filters for the pitcher

Dafi filters are universal and they suit the majority of filter pitches of other producers.