Dafi filter bottle – how long will the filter be?

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Dafi filter bottle – how long will the filter be?

Dafi filter bottle - how long will the filter be

Filter bottles have become very popular recently. They are for sure a very useful product which we can take with ourselves everywhere. Increasingly, athletes and people who spend time outside the home have these bottles. One of the biggest advantage of the product which is highly appreciated by the customers is its efficiency. And for how long does a filter in a Dafi bottle last?

Filter bottle

A handy Dafi bottle is a bottle which is able to be reused. It was equipped with a replaceable filter that allows you to remove the taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. A filter bottle is safe for health, both children and adults can use it. We can buy it in 3 possible capacities. The smallest capacity- 0,3 liter is a bottle for the youngest. The next capacity is 0,5 liter and this is a bottle which we can take with ourselves to work or for a walk thanks to its small size. The biggest of the bottles is 0,7 liter and it is perfect for a gym or during a trip. A filter bottle works quite well in every situation, and it fits well in your hand.

The water we obtain thanks to it is distinguished by its taste and composition relative to tap water. Why more and more people choose Dafi bottle instead of bottled water? Because it is handy and available in several sizes it can suit everywhere. Additionally, it can be refilled in many places, it has an interesting look. It has to be thus seen, that there is one important fact- using this bottle we protect the environment and our home budget.

How long is the filter enough for?

The filter life which is into a filter bottle according to the producer of the bottle is about 300 filterings, so it allows to gain 150 liters of water which can be converted to about 100 large bottles of water. The sufficiency of one filter depends on the amount and frequency of filtered water. After the filter has worn out in the bottle, we can buy an additional two filters with a new mouthpiece or we can decide to buy a bottle with additional filters and a mouthpiece.